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Master plan mobility Constance 2020+

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The master plan mobility Constance 2020+ specifies the way in which the city of Constance will develop its traffic infrastructure in the coming years. The plan sets out objectives and identifies opportunities as well as the scope of actions and how they can be implemented. The plan aims to set the traffic infrastructure and spatial conditions to support a necessary and desirable development of the city.

The master plan mobility Constance 2020+ makes decisions about the basic grid and infrastructure facilities for all modes of transportation as well as for traffic management. It includes recommendations for a municipal mobility management that aims is to support citizens and tries to integrate their individual mobility patterns into planning.

The master plan mobility is not supposed to provide any overall solutions, but instead leaves room for actions that will be developed via a dialogue process over the next 10-15 years. A monitoring will be conducted on a regular basis in order to review which measures were implemented, the reasons why some measures weren’t implemented, what are the effects and were indented, and which measures should be continued, complemented or terminated.

The master plan mobility contains several goals:

  • The development of an environmentally friendly traffic behaviour and the strengthening of the multimodal transport
  • Strengthening of the environmental alliance (public transport infrastructure, bicycle traffic, ferry service) during the development of the transport system
  • Improvement of the traffic flow regarding the remaining motorised private transport
  • Strengthening of public participation regarding the arrangement of the transport system
  • Upgrading of the public road space

The status quo of the realization of the master plan shall be verifiable via a monitoring. Therefore there will be implemented annually updated status reports which give an overview regarding all the ongoing traffic projects.


Department for urban planning and environment

City of Constance