Project Pilot Project

Tramway project


The Tramway project is a key step in promoting green transport in Weihai, which will also support the development of Eastern Binhai New Town. It is planned that in the early stage rail transit construction will focus on the line from Weihai Station to Boyuzhen Station, with a  construction length of 19.6 kilometers. There will be 17 stations along the rail line which are all side platforms on the ground. The estimated investment is 2.3 billion RMB. The project will contribute to improving the internal public transport service level of Eastern Binhai New Town and is a most important component of establishing the public transport corridor backbone.

It is hoped that, with the help of EC-Link the project could secure financing from international banks, and learn from advanced practices of European countries in modern  tramway construction.

Lead Agency: Weihai Eastern Binhai New Town Construction Command Office
Implementing Agency: Weihai Eastern Binhai New Town Construction Investment co., Ltd. 
Implementing Partners: Weihai Municipal City Planning Research Center



  • Ecological city influence: Reduce energy consumption and emissions by 30%. 
  • Beneficiaries: citizens and tourists. 
  • Assets Involved: Rail trolley line of 20.7kilometers. 
  • Job Creation: 1,600.