Project Pilot Project

Nanwan tramline demonstration project


The urban area of Nanwan covers an area of 80km2, including a core area of 17km2. This project aims to increase the rate of public transportation use and reduce carbon emissions. To that end, the project will learn from effective EU transport planning policies.

The project will establish an “emerald green chain”, with inter-city rail and tram lines connecting main urban areas. A bike rental system and shuttle buses will be made available between the railway stations and residential communities. In addition, a hiking trail and sightseeing boat routes are planned along the mountainous and water-surrounded natural environment, with a view to connecting sightseeing destinations.

Lead agency: Zhuhai Municipal Bureau of Transport; Zhuhai Municipal Bureau of Housing, Urban-Rural, Planning and Construction;
Responsible entity: relevant construction agencies;
Other cooperative entity: N/A (to be selected through tender)



The project aims to build an integrated multi-layer green transportation system, with metro and tram network as the backbone, supported by a green path along the island, hiking trails, and water buses. The inter-city railway and tram line will connect the main districts of the area. The public rental bike and shuttle bus system will connect the metro hubs and residential neighborhood. Built upon the beautiful mountainous and water-surrounded natural environment, hiking trails and water buses will connect the city parks and the other landscape nodes in this area.