EC-Link Project and Hefei Municipality ready to strengthen their cooperation

Posted on 9 April, 2018

Hefei Icon for Water Management

EC-Link Project and Hefei Municipality met in the view to strengthen their cooperation within Project’s activities. EC-Link and Hefei municipality have a long lasting cooperation that was expressed in the co-organization of the International Inter-City Lab held in Hefei in September 2017. Hefei Delegation was led by Mr. Daoyun Ma, Director, Hefei Urban Construction Bureau, together with Xueqing Hou, Division officer, Hefei Urban Construction Bureau; Shaochen Pan, Chief Planner, Anhui Provincial Urban Planning & Research Institute; Dongbing An, Director, Anhui Provincial Architecture Science Design & Research Institute.

Director Ma, Director of Hefei Urban Construction Bureau expressed his interest in deeper involvement of EC-Link activities. He wishes that future cooperation would tangle their current key challenge on the water contamination of Nanfei River, which is the mother river of Hefei City. Director Ma explained to EC-Link Team that the pollution is mainly due to the incomplete separation of drainage and sewage systems in downtown.

EC-Link Project and Hefei HURD agreed to keep constant communication in order to organize within June a technical site visit that will see the participation of International stakeholders and experts.