Intercity lab on green transport

Posted on 28 March, 2016

Changzhou Icon for Green Transport

The EC-Link pilot cities face similar challenges, yet each city takes diverse approaches and makes thus different experiences. Therefore INTERCITY LAB was established to create a knowledge community of municipalities and to share the insights gained from similar sustainable urban development projects.

Taking one of the cities’ current project as a case study, city representatives receive advise from their peers having similar experiences: the case clinic format enables municipalities to share different perspectives, while learning from what worked well and what did not work so well. To further bring in insight and suggestions to the cities, European experts are invited to comment and present best practices related to the case, from both the European context and the Chinese landscape.

The INTERCITY LAB in Changzhou last October focused on green transportation projects, with the morning session dedicated to transit-oriented transportation planning in Changzhou Xinbei District. In this session, Atlas Chan from Arup shared extensive know-how and experience in urban planning in China with a transit-oriented approach.

Weihai’s street car planning project and Liuzhou’s Bus Rapid Transit system were presented during the second half day. By working in groups and providing advise to these two cases, participants shared their experience and learned from peer practice, as well as gained valuable input from the various experts present, including Sun Shengyang, GIZ transportation and Liang Yuelin, expert from Siemens Mobility. Project financing mechanisms were also discussed with expertise brought in by Adolfo Guerrero and Zhang Yu from Cities Development Initiative for Asia.

Participants in this workshop included representatives from the various pilot cities at the working level, European experts and companies. Distinguished guests Dr. Hou Wenjun, Deputy Director of Department of Building Energy and Science & Technology of MoHURD, and Mr. Ji Xiaodong, Deputy Director of Changzhou Xinbei District City Administration and Construction Bureau delivered keynote speeches. This event was co-organized with the Changzhou Xinbei District City Administration and Construction Bureau.