Event: He Fei Inter-City Lab on Water Management, Solid Waste Management and Clean Energy

City: Hefei


  • Allow Chinese and European municipalities, represented from public officials, multi Utilities Company, industrial associations and also private companies, will have the opportunity to trigger processes of mutual collaboration.
  • To build a bridge between China and the EU to establish a City Network Unit (CNU) to jointly promote eco-city planning and cooperation in specific field.
  • Chinese and European cities will be sustained in creating the so called City Network Units (CNUs); these new established working groups of Chinese and EU cities (CNUs) will work together to adapt selected practices/procedures to the Chinese urban context,


The event has seen the participation of 120 delegates representing 8 European cities (Barcelona, Berlin, Bordeaux, Hamburg, Liverpool, Mannheim, Valencia and Växjö), 7 Chinese provinces (Anhui, Guangdong, Guangxi, Henan, Hunan, Qinghai and Shandong), 9 Chinese municipalities (Changzhou, Guilin, Hefei, Luoyang, Nanjing, Qingdao, Weihai, Zhuhai and Zhuzhou), representatives from local and provincial academies and research centers, European and Chinese experts.


City: Hefei (CN)
Exact venue and address will be announced soon.

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Event details

Regional Energy Project of Binhu Core Area

Download in English 25.7 MB
Download in Chinese 4.0 MB

Urban Energy and Environmental Regulatory System under the PPP Model —— The practice of Tongling City, Anhui Province

Download in English 900.8 KB
Download in Chinese 983.6 KB

VALENCIA: Water Governance and Integrated River Basin and Water Resource Planning and Management For Sustainability

Download in English 2.2 MB
Download in Chinese 2.3 MB

Zero Landfill Policy for Solid Waste Management in Valencia

Download in English 1.5 MB
Download in Chinese 1.6 MB

Liverpool case study

Download in English 3.4 MB
Download in Chinese 3.4 MB

Water Management city of Berlin

Download in English 10.5 MB
Download in Chinese 10.5 MB

Mannheim-Leading economic hub and China Center of the State of Baden

Download in English 16.3 MB
Download in Chinese 4.4 MB

Vaxjo-Renewable energy and energy efficient heating of building

Download in English 3.2 MB
Download in Chinese 3.3 MB

Municipal Waste and water management in low carbon cities: research for planning

Download in English 4.9 MB
Download in Chinese 4.5 MB

Bordeaux Métropole and Suez: a long partnership

Download in English 2.4 MB
Download in Chinese 2.5 MB

Hamburg – A city Smart and green

Download in English 1.4 MB
Download in Chinese 1.5 MB

Renewable energy from organic household waste

Download in English 1.5 MB
Download in Chinese 1.5 MB

Driving Topics for Water Management

Download in English 209.1 KB
Download in Chinese 67.2 KB

Driving Topics for Solid Waste Management

Download in English 354.7 KB
Download in Chinese 293.1 KB

Driving Topics for Clean Energy

Download in English 916.1 KB
Download in Chinese 381.3 KB

Elements from the issue paper on clean energy

Download in English 634.6 KB
Download in Chinese 276.3 KB

Elements from the issue paper on water management

Download in English 796.1 KB
Download in Chinese 910.7 KB

Elements from the issue paper on solid waste management

Download in English 1.7 MB
Download in Chinese 1.4 MB

Methodologies for energy and climate urban planning in EU

Download in English 2.4 MB
Download in Chinese 2.4 MB

Practical Application of Sustainable Urban Drainage and Flood Control

Download in English 3.9 MB
Download in Chinese 3.7 MB

Recycling through user participation and facilities management

Download in English 3.8 MB
Download in Chinese 3.8 MB

City Network Unit (CNU) Proposals ( 8 European Cities )

Download in English 1.2 MB
Download in Chinese 1.1 MB

Sponge city development and Water pollution control (black-odorous water management)

Download in English 5.5 MB
Download in Chinese 5.5 MB

Author: 车, 伍

Focus on topics in the energy field

Download in English 639.7 KB
Download in Chinese 639.7 KB

Author: 龙 惟定 (Long, Weiding)

Urban Energy Trends under new situation of Urbanization in China

Download in English 3.7 MB
Download in Chinese 3.7 MB

Author: 龙 惟定 (Long, Weiding)

Driving Topics for Solid Waste Management

Download in English 512.0 KB
Download in Chinese 461.3 KB

Author: 刘, 晶昊