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Brest Métropole located in the extreme west of Brittany is the second largest military port behind Toulon.
Historically, the city was linked to the sea, particularly by the presence of the French Navy. Since then, it has diversified its maritime potential, for instance, by becoming the first French port for ship repair, by attracting 60% of French oceanography research, major French organisations for safety and security at sea, and more recently Climsat, or the new French technology platform for marine renewable energies. All of these components have made Brest the European Capital for marine sciences and technology and give it regional, national and international visibility.

Brest Métropole has been striving since a long time to develop different sustainable development measures in its territory and to reduce the use of fossil fuels. In 2012 they completed their Energy and Climate Plan thereby paving the way for economic and social development with reduced greenhouse gas emissions.


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