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City introduction

Pamplona is the capital of the Community of Navarre, a region located in the north of Spain and a pioneer in the field of renewable energy.
With a population of nearly 200,000, the city stands out for its high quality of life, its parks and green areas, its Historical Centre, its Citadel and city walls, and its landscape. Pamplona is also known worldwide for the Fiesta of San Fermin and, particularly, the Bullrun.

In spite of its small size, Pamplona has three universities (University of Navarra, Public University of Navarra, and Distance Education University) that provide education to over 24,000 students. It brings together most of the region's institutions for research and development, adding up to 14 technological institutes, among which the Applied Medicine Research Center (CIMA, Spanish abbreviation) and National Center for Renewable Energies (CENER, Spanish abbreviation) are noteworthy. It was thus considered the second most innovative region in Spain in 2010.

Pamplona City Council is committed to Sustainable Development through the creation of sustainability services: Energy Agency (1998) and Local Agenda 21 (1999). It has implemented a number of actions, such as the Municipal Energy Plan, the Local Pact for Sustainable Mobility, the Cyclability Plan, the installation of renewable energy facilities, membership of Energy Cities and signing the Covenant of Mayors.
Pamplona City Council has also run a number of participatory communication campaigns in the field of energy, such as: Hogares Kioto, Display®, ENGAGE and E2democracy.


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  • Population Urban: 197,604
  • GDP: 29,071 RMB
  • Province: Navarre
  • Country: Spain
  • EC-Link covered: Icon for Green Transport Green Transport
  • City website:
  • Area: 24 km2