About EC-Link

Why EC-Link?

“The scale of China’s urbanization is by far the largest in the history of civilization. It’s significant for China’s development and will impact greatly on the whole world.”

Premier Li Keqiang, 17 March 2013

Urbanization is a worldwide trend, and while the challenges facing cities in Europe and China are very different, sharing and partnering at the municipal level holds great potential to help address social, economic and environmental sustainability issues. China can benefit from European know-how in order to meet its sustainability related goals, while Europe can integrate knowledge gained from pilot projects conducted in China.

What is EC-Link?

EC-Link is the only cross-sector interdisciplinary platform between China and Europe on urbanization.

  • works with municipal governments to pilot low-carbon solutions for tomorrow’s eco-cities,
  • provides access to European excellence in planning for sustainable urban development,
  • creates a unique knowledge base to scale-up best practices and support China’s New Urbanization strategy.

The project has received high-level government endorsement in both Europe and China as part of the EU-China Partnership on Urbanization, a broad political initiative promoting the development of adequate solutions for sustainable urban development. The services, technical assistance, and expertise provided by EC-Link assist the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development in shaping a national ecological and low-carbon framework, and helps Chinese municipalities with their own ecological, low-carbon urban development.

What does EC-Link do?

EC-Link Platform

This unique social networking meta-platform, aggregates resources and networks on urbanization from across Europe and China featuring best practices exchange, projects database, and more.

City Direct

The EC-Link team offers personal support with access to networks, know-how, best practices, toolboxes as well as financing sources. It also offers, in partnership with MoHURD, regular training to municipal actors on various topics related to sustainable urban development.

Inter-city Lab

A unique forum for fostering, sharing and learning among European and Chinese cities, from partnership building to project design and development support.

Urban Sustainability Lab

EC-Link will support pilot projects in various cities in China, both thematically and via integrated examples, over the next 3 years. These projects will be complemented by the development of toolboxes to disseminate their results and supplemented with technical assistance. By working hand-in-hand with China's central government and municipalities, the results of these pilot projects will feed into policy guidance.

The EC-Link pilot cities

Luoyang and Zhuhai

The EC-Link sector-based pilot cities

Weihai, Changzhou, Qingdao, Zhuzhou, Guilin, Xixian New Area, Hefei, Liuzhou