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Webinar Green Building Research paper on Summer hot and Winter Cold Climate
08 Jul, 2020

Under the EC-LINK project, a research paper on Green Building in Summer hot and Winter Cold climate is carried out by European & Chinese experts. This is the first join research paper which combines the European methodology and approaches and Chinese technology and best practises, written by Dr. Schwede (University of Stuttgart) and prof. Fengya and his colleagues (China Southwest Architectural Design and Research Institute). 

The goal of this research paper is to promote green building strategy and techniques implementation in Chinese cities that have the same climate- summer hot and winter cold. This research paper has also concentrated on two cities: Zhuzhou and Guilin by analysing its climate data and discussed with the experts from these two cities, under their advisory, the report is finalized. 

Financing Green Transport in the Belt and Road Initiative
30 Jun, 2020

EC-Link Project has been developing a series of webinar on the Belt and Road Initiative, this one focusing towards the importance of Sustainable Transport.

With emissions from transportation contributing up to 40% of total emissions in 2018, BRI-related investments, however, risk to further increase both freight and passenger transport related emissions. To avoid this development path and achieve strategic and tactical cooperation on developing green urban transport systems in BRI cities, European and Chinese cooperation plays a particularly significant role.

Download the PDF of the presentation at the following link:

Webinar - Climate Resilient Zhuhai: Flood Defence Approach Recommendations
08 Jun, 2020

This is the third pilot project of Resilient Zhuhai, organised by EC-Link project, carried out by Dutch expert team-Waternet & Palmbout Urban landscape. Together with Zhuhai Housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau, EU experts and Chinese experts have applied resilient city development principals in Zhuhai in different areas. 

Download the PDF of the presentation at the following link: