Sector Planning for Green Transportation


In order to increase the ratio of public transportation use and reduce energy loss, the City Construction Bureau of Xinbei District, Changhzou leads the implementation of the Special Planning of Green Building and Construction project.

Part of the funding has been used in drafting the planning, and a draft planning has been completed.

The project is  expected to realize reasonable planning of public transport and to encourage public participation, so as to improve the ratio of public transportation use.

Lead Agency: City Construction Bureau of Xinbei District

Implementation Agency: Intelligent Transportation System Research Center of Southeast University

Partners: Intelligent Transportation System Research Centre of Southeast University.


  • Green transportation rate reaches 75%.
  • Urban public transportation rate reaches 28%.
  • 77% of key areas should have bus stations accessible within a 300-meter radius.
  • 50% of key areas have bicycles accessible within a 300-meter radius. 
  • New energy bus ratio reaches 40%. 
  • Smart transportation technology facilities coverage rate reaches 4 facilities per square kilometers