Sponge City Demonstration Project in Western District


The Western Ecological New Town is located in the west of Zhuhai City. It is a key part of Zhuhai western ecological new area, which is composed of Western Central Urban Area, Pingsha New Town and Fushan New Town. The Western Ecological New Town covers an area of 415 km2 and has a permanent population of about 500,000.  The New Town plans to carry out a number of “low environment impact” projects based on the concept of “sponge city”, including rainwater garden and green municipal administration.

Lead agency: Development & Construction Bureau of Zhuhai Western Urban Area

Responsible entity: relevant departments of Jinwan District, Doumen District and Gaolan Port Area; China Railway Construction Corporation Limited


  • Rainwater Garden: optimize runoff coefficient, improve environment self-purification capacity, maintain the ecological balance of water bodies, and provide good practices and knowledge on “low environment impact development”.
  • Green Municipal Administration: Rainwater collection and utilization.
  • Wetland Park: maintain the ecological self-purification capacity of wetlands and protect biological diversity and provide ecological sightseeing and science education.