Qianshan River Basin Management Project


Qianshan River originates from Wugui Mountain in Zhongshan City, flows through Qianshan Town, Nanping Town, Gongbei Port, Wanchai District of Zhuhai City, and finally flows into the South China Sea at Qingzhou bay of Macao. The Qianshan River Basin consists of one river and two streams (namely, Qianshan River, Guangchang S  tream, and Hongwan Stream), with a total length of 23.08 km.

The “Qianshan river basin management project” will comprehensively implement the “clearer water” strategy of Qianshan River. It is planned that an investment of 5 billion RMB will be made from 2015 to 2020.  Specific areas of work include pollution control at the source, rainwater and flood management and river bank renovation. Zhuhai municipal government formally issued the “Comprehensive Improvement Project Plan for the Qianshan River Basin Environment (2013-2017)”, which proposed that by 2017 the water quality in Zhuhai section of Qianshan River should be improved and restored to reach the standards of class III water body. The goal is to achieve the target of “clean water, green bank and beautiful scenery”.

Lead agency: Marine, Agriculture and Water Affairs Bureau; Environmental Protection Bureau.

Responsible entity: Xiangzhou District, High-tech Zone, Land and Resources Bureau,Transportation Bureau, City Supervision and Administration Bureau, and Highway Bureau of the city, as well as Zhuhai Water Group Co., Ltd. and Zhuhai Transportation Group.


  • Landscape improvement, ecological conservation and regional function activation for Qianshan River.