Barcelona Sea Water Desalination Plant
05 Jan, 2010

The Barcelona Sea Water Desalination Plant is located next to the mouth of river Llobregat in the municipality of El Prat del Llobregat, Barcelona.

With a drinking water output of 200,000m³/day, it is the largest reverse osmosis (RO) based desalination plant in Europe. It was awarded the ‘Desalination Plant of the Year’ award by the Global Water Awards 2010.

The plant was built by Aguas Ter Llobregat (ATLL), the public utility responsible for the supply of water to the city of Barcelona and the surrounding eight districts. It was intended to increase water security and availability in the Barcelona metropolitan region.

The plant was officially inaugurated in July 2009. It is currently supplying drinking water to around 1.3m inhabitants in the region, catering to 20% of the population.

Source: Water Technology