Jianxi Industrial District Renovation


Jianxi Industrial Heritage Block was first built during the first Five-Year-Plan period in the 1950s. It is among the best preserved areas with strong characteristics of the time. The Jianxi Industrial Heritage Block is not only a witness to China’s early industrialization, but also reflects the most advanced production and urban planning technologies and concepts at that time.

The project involves a large number of building groups of the Soviet style. However, building density is too high and the interior conditions cannot reach modern living standards.

This project consists of Zhongxin, Yituo, Luozhou, Luotong and other communities, with a total planning area of 233.48 ha. The project will protect and preserve the existing industrial block building style and structure and promote urban regeneration while striking a balance between protection, development and tourism.

This project aims to preserve the original style of the block while bringing in new city development elements, thus setting an example for surrounding neighbourhoods. Residential buildings will be renovated and their interior design will be restructured. The building elevation will also be renewed with new architectural materials.

The current renovation plan is being prepared.

Lead agency: Luoyang Municipal Bureau of Urban-Rural Planning. 


  • Build a famous industrial heritage block with cultural, tourist, commercial and leisure functions.