Beishan Village Renovation Project


Beishan is a historic village in Guangdong Province, with a long history and rich cultural heritage. It aims to become a centre of art, culture, music, ancient architecture and cuisine at the same time, allowing good quality life for its residents.

However, a lot of houses in Beishan Village have been vacant for a long time in poor condition. There are also some new buildings whose style is not in harmony with the traditional style. Some of the illegal private buildings also compromise the integrity of the historical and cultural conservation area.

Therefore, it is urgent to introduce the renovation measures and redevelopment technologies in relevant European cities. The goal is to preserve traditional architectural style, to integrate new buildings into the historic setting and to prevent the loss of social and cultural assets.  

Lead agency: Xiang Zhou District, Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Zhuhai, Local regeneration bureau

Responsible entity: Zhuhai Huafa Cultural Industry Investment Shareholding Co., Ltd


  • Improve infrastructure in core areas in a planned and coordinated manner. 
  • Promote cultural industries in Beishan Village while ensuring adequate protection and smart resource utilization.