Canon Factory Transformation

Canon factory transformation project is located at the intersection of Jiuzhou Avenue and Yingbin South Road, covering an area of 90,091.79 m2 . The factory is easy to access and enjoys a good location. Currently Canon factory has 5 buildings comprised of of 2-3 floor plants and their associated facilities. The total construction area is 66,790.48 m2.

The goal of the project is to create a landmark of urban culture and art center in Zhuhai. As of now, early-stage planning on reconstruction has been completed, which is based on the concept of “embodiment of culture and art, dream factory of design and creativity”.

The project design consists of four clusters:

  1. A Creativity Centre, which includes projects such as masters’ workshops, training centres and art centres;
  2. Creativity Workshops that foster and gather large and medium creative enterprises focusing on youths’ original design.
  3. Creativity Neighbourhood: to exhibit products produced by masters and young artists at home and abroad in small galleries for common tourists.
  4. Creative Auxiliaries: to build art hotels and lodging houses to serve the workers in the park and tourists.

Lead agency: Municipal HURD. 

Responsible entity: Wang Xiaohui Urban Art Institute, Hong Kong Creative Wisdom & Strategy International, Guangzhou Exception Clothes Co.Ltd., Lifestyle Creating – Lifestyle Creating Commercial Consultaation and Management Co., Ltd.


According to the idea of creating a “complex of culture and art and a factory of design and creativity”, the project aims to build a new landmark of urban culture and art in Zhuhai.

Key objectives include:

  • Cultivate creative talents and incubate innovatie small and medium sized enterprises through the international masters’ workshop. 
  • Establish a chain for enterprise growth and creativity using the creativity neighbourhood and online platform. 
  • Endeavour to have a city wide impact, taking advantage of the strategic location.