Shangchong Eco-town: TOD and Compact Urban Development


In order to resolve traffic congestion problem and build a comprehensive transport system, Zhuhai has endorsed the Transit-Oriented-Development (TOD) strategy. The plan is to build 28 TOD new towns, among which the “ Shangchong eco-town: TOD and compact urban development” is a first project. 

The project covers an area of 80.4 hectares and is located at the hub area connecting downtown and rural area. Currently the focus is on constructing infrastructure such as schools, bus stations and settlement buildings. Commercial, business, SOHO office, and housing functions will be constructed in the future.

Lead agency: Zhuhai Municipal Bureau of Housing, Urban-Rural, Planning and Construction

Responsible entity: Zhuhai Huafa High-tech Construction Co., Ltd.; Zhuhai Xiangzhou District City Construction Co., Ltd.; China Vanke Co., Ltd

Other cooperative entity: Zhuhai Xiangzhou District government


  • Promote the TOD model: arrange the mixed commercial and residential functions with high-density around tram stations. 
  • Build a “4G community” with green buildings, green transportation, green infrastructure, and green behaviour.