Revision of Zhuhai Urban Planning & Technical Standard and Guideline
14 Jan, 2019

Under the request of Zhuhai Housing and Urban Planning Development, EC-Link will support with the revision of the Zhuhai Urban Planning & Technical Standard and Guideline, which is the overall guideline for urban planning and city development in Zhuhai. 

To this task, EC-Link has selected a specific team of experts coming from the EU cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Under the proposal received from the Zhuhai Municipality, the EU experts will add a chapter to the Zhuhai guideline for sponge city/resilient city, especially focusing on flooding prevention and rain proof. This will not only increase the awareness of Zhuhai’s people, but will also give overall strategy and policy to guide resilient city development. 

Meanwhile, Zhuhai and EC-Link agreed to add a second team of European experts coming from Bologna Italy. They will give advice on historical building and neighbourhood for Zhuhai Urban Planning & Technical Standards and Guideline. Indeed, the topic of how to keep history and cultural heritage is increasingly relevant in China now.