Municipal Green Finance to Sustain Qingdao's Green Projects Development
14 Jan, 2019

The EC-Link project has received an increasing recognition by Chinese cities and there is increasing consensus that the project can provide useful support to their efforts towards sustainable development. Both city officials and local HURDs have demonstrated a strong and proactive engagement and willingness to receive specific knowledge in project financing and funding.        

EC-Link’s intent is to spread practical knowledge on financial opportunities to support eco/low carbon projects for Sustainable Urbanization and prepare the ground for future specific activities in Green Municipal Financing.

Qingdao HURD has plans to develop 4 lines of activities around the topic of energy-saving with the strategic objective of making Qingdao reach the Carbon Emission Peak by 2030. 

The activities are: 

1) Retrofitting of existing resident housings;

2) Retrofitting of existing public buildings;

3) District energy (air/ocean/sewage-source heat pump);

4) Clean-energy heating (especially in rural area).

EC-Link is supporting Qingdao Municipality in order to investigate and recommend sustainable funding mechanisms, particularly in relation to their capacity to fund/catalyze green investments designed to implement planned green projects.