Yuwan Sewage Treatment Plant


Yuwan Wastewater Treatment Plant is located in the north-eastern part of Hefei city. Its service covers Xinzhan district and northern Feidong county. The wastewater treatment plant currently mainly treats industrial wastewater produced by the Jingdongfang 10th Generation Tablet Production Line located in Xinzhan District, as well as domestic wastewater produced in the service area. The wastewater treatment plant aims to meet the ever-increasing demands for the sewage disposal within the area, which is crucial for improving regional water environment and optimizing the investment environment in Hefei city.

The project has fully taken into consideration the complex components of industrial wastewater, its lack of biodegradability, huge variation in water quality and quantity and potential damage to ecosystems, as well as high discharge standards, when selecting treatment technologies. The project therefore adopts advanced and effective technologies which can adapt to the variations in water quantity and quality.

Leading agency: Hefei Urban and Rural Construction Committee

Implementation agency: Hefei Municipal Drainage Management Office

Partners: Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute (Group)Co.,Ltd.


  • Ecological cities influence: Water discharge reaches A level standard. Four indexes, including TP,TN,NH3 and CODcr 4, reach surface water environmental quality IV standard (TN excluded). 
  • Beneficiaries: 300,000 people. 
  • Assets Involved: A total investment of 498.6 million RMB. Engineering budget for phase one is 392.5 million RMB. 
  • Jobs created: 50 construction and management jobs.