Shanghai Uses Gags, Memes To Make Sense Of New Recycling Rules
01 Jul, 2019

What’s new in Shanghai? Residents of China’s wealthy eastern megacity have embarked on an all-consuming learning spree to identify garbage types, as new recycling rules take effect. 

On Sunday, local officials held city-wide events to educate residents about four types of household waste, a day before regulations on garbage sorting went into force on July 1. 

At the central business district of Jingan, performers struck forceful beats on tall garbage cans in a synchronized drum performance. Other districts like Yangpu adapted the lyrics of a hit song into garbage sorting lore. 

“Hey there food waste, all your herbal dregs, eggshell, fruit peels, and leftovers, can become awesome compost!” a group of modern dancers performed to these lyrics.

Source: Inkstone -