Construction Sector Calls on The EU to Delay Regulation on Engines’ Emission Limits Due To COVID-19 - But Climate Action Can’t Wait
04 Apr, 2020

Six industry associations representing the non-road mobile machinery (NRMM) sector called on the EU to postpone the deadlines for emission limits during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their request should be considered carefully, as a delay in the implementation of the NRMM regulation may pose a risk to climate targets.

CECE, CEMA, EGMF, EUnited Municipal Equipment & Cleaning, Europgen and FEM sent a joint letter to the European Commission asking for a moratorium on the application of 2020 and 2021 deadlines.

According to the European regulation, machine manufacturers have until June 30 this year to complete the production of engines in power ranges <56kW and ≥130kW complying with the emissions’ limits. Then, they’ll have until December 31 to place these machines on the EU market. Similarly, machines in power ranges from 56kW to 130kW will need to be ready in summer 2021.