The Netherlands As A Model Green City For China
16 Dec, 2019

“China is rapidly urbanizing, by 2030 there will be more than 1 billion urban consumers…’ To compare statistics, the Netherlands’ largest city Amsterdam has a population of one million, while China’s biggest cities are pushing towards 30 million. In other words, in terms of sheer size, there may not be a lot of overlap. But did you know that the Netherlands is 93% urbanized? In our new ‘Feeding & Greening Mega Cities’ Study, we dive into the developments, similarities and differences and opportunities for the Dutch and Chinese sectors to connect. One of the key elements for the Chinese Green Mega Cities is smart water management. China has been facing severe issues water-related issues for years, both in terms of pollution and allocation. Sponge cities have become a national priority after dry spells and floods hitting many cities. Needless to say that this is an interesting opportunity to cooperate. “Every square centimeter in the Netherlands has been designed by civil engineers, architects, urban designers and landscape architects.” There are already several ongoing sponge city projects in China, and some water management projects have clear ties with the Netherlands.