Electrification and Renewables Boom Across Europe Will Require Huge Grid Resilience
27 Mar, 2019

Grid companies will need to deliver around 90 GW of new transmission lines across Europe by 2040 to cope with a boom in renewables generation and a significant surge in the electrification of transport and heating.

And this huge grid upgrade will need to be complemented by a range of flexible power sources, including gas engines, storage, and demand flexibility. 

That’s the conclusion of new research published today that claims that renewables will provide over 60% of Europe’s total power supply by 2040, representing a 400 GW, €400bn investment opportunity into clean energy capacity.

And the study adds that by 2050, total European power demand could rise by as much as 85%, mainly due to the electrification of heating and transportation.

Source: Smart Energy -