Lessons From Phoenix On Water Management And Equity
30 Oct, 2019

In a desert city such as Phoenix, water is the foundation of public health, economic opportunity and quality of life. Phoenix’s water supply is sound and sustainable as a result of multiple water sources and a logical, methodical approach to supply planning, infrastructure management, conservation and drought preparation. Living in the desert imparts a deep appreciation for the value of water, which has driven the city of Phoenix to methodically manage water supplies for reliability in our desert environment. There are complicated trade-offs between sustainable management of water supplies, conservation, affordability, infrastructure investment and equity. At the same time, smart and equitable water management can foster broad opportunity for the entire community. In Phoenix, we’re continuously working on water management, and we’re now bringing water equity into focus as well.

Phoenix has been a leader in the reuse of wastewater for 40 years. We’ve also banked water underground that we don’t need today, for availability when shortages of Colorado River water occur. And we have access to over a trillion gallons of native groundwater, which we fastidiously protect as a savings account for future generations. Our supplies include water from the Salt, Verde and Colorado Rivers, and reclaimed wastewater.