Strategies Towards The Vision Of ‘Clean Country – Green Environment’
28 Jan, 2020

Sri Lanka is a small island in South Asia. In early times, it was named the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. But what is happening to the pearl now? As a result of urbanisation and increase of population, environmental issues related to solid waste are increasing. According to the World Bank estimation, the per capita solid waste generation of Local Authority Quantity by person (kg/day) in the Colombo Municipal Council is 0.80 kg. Other Municipal Councils records a rate of 0.75 kg, while Urban Councils record 0.60 kg and Pradeshiya Sabha 0.40 kg. Arithmetically, it works out to over 20,000 MT of solid waste produced per day. The Waste Management Authority as the main Government body of the relevant subject revealed that Sri Lanka produces over 7000 MT of waste per day. Out of the total amount of waste generated, 60% is accounted for by the Western province. It is the common relationship that generation of waste is a positive function of the growth of population.