Hydrogen Mobility: Coming Soon to a Bus or Truck Near You?
06 Mar, 2020

Hydrogen could have a significant impact on the transportation sector, even though sales of fuel-cell cars have been minuscule to date.

More than 9 million hydrogen fuel-cell passenger vehicles could be built to support aggressive targets in markets such as California, China, Japan and South Korea, according to a new market report published by Wood Mackenzie.

In the short term, however, hydrogen is more likely to be used for heavier vehicles such as buses and heavy-duty trucks, said report author Ben Gallagher, a subject-matter expert in carbon and emerging technology for Wood Mackenzie's Energy Transition Practice.

As it stands, hydrogen fuel cells have barely registered an impact on the global automotive market. WoodMac estimates there were around 17,000 hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles on the road worldwide at the end of last year, nearly half of them in the U.S.