Increasing Population Puts Pressure On Land And Water Too: UNCCD
05 Sep, 2019

The process of meeting the food demand of the world’s increasing population is going to put pressure not only on land but also on water resources, Global Land Outlook, a United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) report has said.

In all probability, demand of water for agricultural purposes will double by 2050 due to growing demands for food. This fact becomes more significant when coupled with the fact that agriculture is by far the most important driver of water shortages around the world. Irrigation accounts for 70 per cent of global water withdrawals.

The report said despite the fact that water was recognised among the top 10 risks humanity was facing, it often got neglected in discussions about the role of land and natural resources.

Highlighting its importance in land degradation, the report said 20 per cent of irrigated land area had suffered from crop yield reductions due to salinity.