Case Studies and Toolboxes: EC-Link Knowledge Center
04 Mar, 2020

 “EC-Link Knowledge Center”, with over 200 uploaded publications, is regularly used in current planning/design of sustainable city by Chinese municipal bureaus and planning departments.

On the Knowledge Center is possible to find sectorial publications covering the 7 main sectors: compact urban development, green buildings, green transport, water management, solid waste management, green energy and municipal finance; moreover, additional publication were developed by the EC-Link team providing in depth analysis good practice examples in Europe and urban guides and indicators). 

Within sectorial publications, EC-Link Project published and uploaded 150 “Case Studies”, other 10 “Toolboxes and Urban Guides and Indicators”.

“Case Studies”- have been structured in a vivid way to showcase the best practices both in China and Europe of eco low carbon practices, collecting all the basic facts for each of them, which will bring you a summary of best European and Chinese examples.  Moreover, for each case, it was developed an in-depth analysis of the lessons learnt and the possible replicability in other contests. 

“Toolboxes”- have been designed for the purpose of offering a clear-cut and condensed information for each state of art tools in the 7 main sectors mentioned above. The represent a practical tool that can apply to solve the real problems for sustainable planning and designing personnel.  

“Urban Guides and Indicators”— provide a collection of Primary Tools and the other is Sino- EU key Performance Indicators for Eco Cities; those two collections deliver a comprehensive and dedicated tools and indicators to structure and evaluate eco cities’ performances.

All EC-Link Publications can easily downloaded at the following links: