EC-Link Project and IGDP Met to Strengthen Their Cooperation
11 Apr, 2019

EC Link and the iGDP (innovative Green Development Program) met in Beijing in order to strengthen their cooperation in light of their common interest to support local municipalities in developing low carbon projects and verify opportunities of cooperation.

iGDP is the executing agency of the Green and Low Carbon Development Think Tank Partnership (GDTP) and committee member of Green Finance Committee of the China Society for Finance and banking. In order to tackle climate change challenges, IGDP’s mission is to advance robust policies and actions to address green growth challenges, create analytical tools, share professional knowledge, and facilitate multidisciplinary dialogues that foster integrated solutions for regions, cities and communities.

EC-Link and iGDP agreed to work in linking their massive network developed throughout their extensive programs. Indeed, while EC-Link focused its attention in supporting the dialogue among Chinese and European cities, iGDP set up the Green Low-Carbon Development Think Tank Partnership (GDTP), an informal platform that brings together China’s leading low-carbon research institutes, economists, and well-known energy and environmental experts. 

Moreover, EC-Link and iGDP share common interests also in the development of specific programs within municipal green finance sector and Belt & Road Initiative.

EC-Link Project and iGDP will continue their dialogue also to verify opportunities for the development of trainings, workshops and forum on green finance and low carbon policies sectors.