China Urban Green Finance – Third Network Meeting
18 Mar, 2019

EC-Link Project organized the China Urban Green Finance - Third Network Meeting at the European Embassy in Beijing. In line with on-going EC-Link Project’s activities, the Meeting was organized so to provide:

  • An overview of Green Finance investment framework in China;
  • Taxonomy of mechanisms to support Green Finance;
  • Assess the China case in relation to actual programs of support; 
  • Provide some recommendations on potential gaps which future support could bridge.

The meeting saw the participation of more than 40 people representing major European and Chinese stakeholders involved in the municipal green finance sector.

Within three hours of active discussion, Participants focused their attention towards three main topics:

  1. Ms. Jiu Miao (Director, Technology Promotion Center, MoHURD), presented “Outlooks and prospects of China’s green buildings and green industry”; focusing on ways to potential cooperation between the E.U. and China, hopefully setting same standards for green buildings;and due to present subsidies exist for green buildings in 14 Chinese provinces, how it’s possible incentivize developers to introduce in China best available technique within the sector.
  2. Mr. Christoph Nedopil Wang (Director of Greening the BRI, IIGF) presented “Green urban transport in China: an opportunity for green finance”; focusing on how to align the two worlds of green transportation design/tech/engineering and municipal green finance; highlighting how, due to the lack of knowledge within the transport sector, the finance community can contribute by spreading awareness within the sector.
  3. Finally, Mr. Gregor Grossman (Junior Advisor, Sustainable Infrastructure Alliance - GIZ), made a presentation on “Sustainable infrastructure standards in China and support for municipal green finance projects”; highlighting how there are standards differences between sectors as well as differences between countries. Standards need to use sustainability criteria that make it possible to compare projects across regions and countries. So, the standard has to have a certain amount of flexibility to set international best practice.

EC-LINK Project is doing city-level cooperation and communication work in China and providing green finance assistance. It will continue its work in order to sustain an effective dialogue between Chinese Municipalities and main Chinese and International Banks and Funds.