EC-Link Project To Support Luoyang HURD And Yibin District Actions In “Waste Management And Belt And Road Initiative”
06 Mar, 2019

On March 6th, 2019, EC-Link Project performed a mission to Luoyang with the purpose of strengthening cooperation with local HURD and Yibin District. 

EC-Link’s Delegation met with Luoyang HURD represented by Ms. Wang Fenjuan, the deputy director. EC-Link was asked to plan a series of joint trainings within the solid waste management sector, one of the 7 main sectors covered by the Project.

As explained during the meeting, Luoyang Municipality, through the work performed by Luoyang Van Resource Ltd, has the intention of developing a “comprehensive solid waste system” meant to create a sustainable and replicable method to manage construction waste generated every year by the Municipality.

To reach such an ambitious goal, local HURD and EC-Link will cooperate in the organization of a series of trainings dedicated both to public and private representatives, providing relevant and practical insights on Europe’s most advanced experience in the separation, classification and management of construction waste.

The Project will also allow Luoyang to strengthen the long-lasting cooperation with European municipalities and companies able to promptly answer to their needs.

EC-Link Delegation met also with Yibin District represented by Mr. Zhang Minkai, the deputy director.

Under the strong support of Luoyang Municipality, Yibin District is expected to become a future “Chinese ecological and environmental showcase” with the aim of finding the synthesis between local sustainable development and successful business development.

District’s representatives explained that the approved plan will focus towards three main areas: 

  • Improvement of present agricultural sector; 
  • Introduction of upscaling manufacturing solutions, and 
  • The development of a scientific innovation incubator.

On this regard, being Luoyang one of the main starting points of the “Belt and Road Initiative”, it was also proposed to EC-Link to jointly develop a research on “Industrial Innovation” reflecting the so-called Made in China 2025 strategy inspired by Germany’s “Industry 4.0” strategy.

This ambitious Plan, following the strong commitment and desire expressed by Yibin District and Luoyang Municipality, will have to be settled following best European experience with the final goal of initiating the “Sino-Europe (Luoyang) International Cooperation Industrial Park” destined to attract the best international enterprises and talents together for the creation of a liveable and eco-sustainable environment.