EC Link Project and the SIA Meet to Strengthen Their Cooperation
14 Jan, 2019

EC Link and the SIA (the Sustainable Infrastructure Alliance) met in Beijing in order to strengthen their cooperation in light of their common interest to support local municipalities in developing green sustainable projects.

The Sustainable Infrastructure Alliance (SIA) is a partnership between the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and Global Infrastructure Basel Foundation (GIB) with the goal of mainstreaming sustainable infrastructure in emerging economies. To achieve this, the SIA is working with project developers, financiers, and the public sector to create a market for third-party verified infrastructure standards that help link sustainable projects to finance. 

In 2019, the SIA will continue its outreach to stakeholders in China, train local auditors to apply international sustainability standards, and certify the first group of sustainable and resilient infrastructure projects.

With a shared vision of using green finance to fund sustainable infrastructure for resilient cities, EC Link and the SIA agreed to work together enlarging and exchanging their network in order to provide better solutions to Chinese municipalities; moreover, both organization will cooperate in organizing joint actions and initiatives in multiple sectors, such as green financing, circular economy, green consumption & public procurement and low carbon urban planning.