EC-Link Project Invited To Participate At The 2019 Xuzhou International Forum On Urban Green Development
18 Jun, 2019

The 2019 Xuzhou International Forum on Urban Green Development was held from 10 to 12 June 2019 in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, People’s Republic of China.

The Forum was organized by UN-Habitat and Xuzhou People’s Municipal Government. The Forum provided a platform for communication between scholars, governments, cities, NGOs, Institutes and private sector companies. High-level researchers, policy makers, urban managers, experts, company leaders and media elites in China and abroad were invited.

The Forum aimed at reviewing how China and the rest of the world can leverage urban innovation and transformation, and the green technologies in support of innovation. The issues cut at the heart of SDG11 – how to steer change to ensure inclusive, safe, resilient cities and communities in a context of regeneration and change.

Green finance plays a fundamental role in sustaining Chinese ambitious urban development program; in upcoming years Chinese municipalities will develop more and more urban projects, they will need to move out from traditional finance solutions and to get closer to the many opportunities provided from green municipal finance.

EC-Link project was invited to provide a general outlook of green municipal finance sector in China and moreover, to show how practically it is supporting Chinese cities in such process.

EC-Link Key Expert presented on-going cooperation in Qingdao. Currently, the Project is supporting Qingdao in developing two green municipal finance projects. 

The Qingdao Green Public Transportation system demonstration project is designed to be implemented in terms of developing low carbon and green traffic. The project comprising 11 sub-projects, which includes the optimization of design on public transport network, bus lane planning in three major urban areas, bus ticket pricing system research, project risk research and other low-carbon public transport program research.

The Comprehensive energy efficiency improvement project is designed to retrofit public buildings and residential buildings in Qingdao city, for reducing energy consumption and improving the energy efficiency for existing buildings. The project foresees a comprehensive performance evaluation and economic analysis on the existing non-energy-saving public buildings in Qingdao, screen out the public buildings for energy conservation transformation and achieve the green building and green operation by such energy conservation transformation.

EC-LINK Project is actively engaged in city-level cooperation and communication work in China and providing green finance assistance. It will continue its work in sustaining an effective dialogue between Chinese Municipalities and main Chinese and International Banks and Funds.