EC-Link Project and CCUD Met to Strengthen Their Cooperation
09 Apr, 2019

EC Link and the CCUD (China Center for Urban Development) met in Beijing in order to strengthen their cooperation in light of their common interest to support local municipalities in developing green sustainable solutions.

CCUD is a public institution under the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC). Since its establishment in 1998, it has been providing guidance to pilot cities and towns for urban development across China; formulating hundreds of socio-economic development plans, spatial development plans and land use plans for local governments; building financial platforms to serve urbanization, urban development and smart city construction; organizing multiple high-level international forums on urbanization and urban development; and building itself as national top think tank on new urbanization.

China is posing itself in front of a unique set of urban challenges that rapidly need to be addressed to ensure that Chinese cities remain liveable, productive and sustainable. As China’s urbanization rate is slated to grow over 60%, the need to address these urban challenges is all the more pressing.

With a shared vision and common interest in supporting Chinese cities’ sustainable development, EC Link and CCUD agreed to work together enlarging and exchanging their network in order to provide better solutions to Chinese municipalities. Moreover, both organizations will cooperate in organizing joint actions and initiatives in multiple sectors, such as compact urban development, transport planning and management, urban energy management and sustainable industry development.