EC-Link Project and Weihai Straighten Cooperation To Develop Green Finance Projects 
01 Jun, 2020

On May 18-22, 2020, EC-Link team was involved in a mission to Weihai focused towards green projects preparation and early stage project development in link with downstream financing to Shandong Green Development Fund or other financing resources.

This mission has been organized to support Weihai HURD on several topics: 1) introduce the structure of SGDF and the key elements of green financing, help the local authorities understand the financing eligibility, 2) help to identify the potential projects for applying for the fund, 3) collect necessary information for preliminary appraisal, 4) kick-off project development preparation work for next step Pre-feasibility study.

During the five-days on-site investigations and meetings, the EC-Link team has visited Weihai urban city and its sub-administration districts, including Huancui District in old city area, three national level development districts, ie. Gaoqu - High-Tech and Industrial Development District), Jingqu - Economic and Technical Development District), and Lingang Economic Technical Development District, as well as, the regions under its administration – Rongcheng city, Rushan city, Nanhai and Wending District. A number of projects which may have the potential to be financed by SGDF has been identified.

At the moment, Weihai has been selecting the following line of projects: green transport, solid waste management, water management and clean energy sectors. 

Moreover, EC-Link will support local HURD with sector trainings to the project sponsors and local HURD staff regarding to the Green Municipal Finance (GMF) guidelines in a later stage.