EC-Link Online Platform: A Link to Europe-China Resources to Elevate Water Management
26 Nov, 2019

With the rapid development of its economy, China is also dedicated in constructing a good ecological environment that has put forward higher requirements on the development in the new era. At the National Conference on Ecological Environmental Protection in May 2018, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that the country should intensify efforts to promote the construction of ecological civilization, so to solve the compelling ecological & environmental challenges, fight against pollutions, and push China’s ecological civilization construction to a new level. 

It is within this background that “the 14th International Conference on China Urban Water Development and Expo of New Technologies and Facilities” was successfully held on November 26-27, 2019 in Suzhou Jinji Lake International Convention Centre.

The theme of the conference is “Fighting against Water Pollution and Speeding up Hydro-ecological Restoration.” More than 300 domestic and international authoritative experts in the field of urban water and integrated water environment management were invited to conduct in-depth discussions and exchanges and broadly dig into the current key and hard problems encountered in water pollution control and hydro-ecological restoration.

In recent years, China has achieved a series of socioeconomic achievements, but at the same time it also sees arising of a lot of challenging issues. The process of rapidly advancing industrialization and urbanization has caused shortage of natural resources to meet demands of the population, large-scale ecological damages, and serious environmental pollutions. Urban water problems such as floods, droughts, water shortages, and deterioration of the aquatic environment have become increasingly prominent.

In order to further study and learn the advanced concepts, technologies and experience from European cities and better solve the current frequent urban water problems, Zhuhai City of Guangdong Province has been selected as a comprehensive pilot city for the Europe-China Eco Cities Link Project (EC-Link Project).

Due to the impact of tropical hurricanes in summer, Zhuhai is often badly hit by extreme weather disasters such as typhoons, heavy rains and floods. Focusing on these challenges faced by the city, the EC-Link experts have formulated a comprehensive urban water management strategy, including the criterions of water collection, storage and drainage on all scales, to address its problems.

For many years, the EC-Link Project has provided strong supports to Chinese municipal governments, helping them design, draft and formulate sustainable urban development plans, reframe people’s perception of urbanization, and transform traditional concepts into new paradigms that are based on green and people-oriented humanity principles.

To achieve the above objectives, the EC-Link Project has carried out a large number of works including outbound visits, learning tours, inter-city exchanges and trainings to facilitate effective dialogues between China and Europe. 

And to further support knowledge exchange, the EC-Link Project has launched an online communication platform and displayed it during the 14th International Conference on China Urban Water Development. This platform is the only online cross-disciplinary community that connects major stakeholders in China and Europe; it is also a unique information tool to promote and share China and Europe’s advanced experience in developing sustainable cities and towns.

Compared with other knowledge exchange platforms, the “EC-Link Exchange Platform” is focused more on professionalism. The majority of platform users are urban eco-construction technicians and think tank experts. In the future, the platform will directly invite big-name experts, professionals and scientists to share their views, cases and proposals on relevant areas of eco-city construction, enhance interconnection among experts of China and Europe, help relevant industry workers from all walks of life to build their own networks, and promote multi-party exchanges and cooperation.

You can easily access this platform by logging into the EC-Link website. It provides an open space for all major stakeholders (government officials, professors, scholars, companies, etc.) to conduct free dialogue and exchange of ideas on sustainable urbanization in China and Europe.